Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

I have an obsession with small, cute things. I especially love cupcakes. They’re perfect for one person, with just the right amount of frosting & there’s just enough room to put some finishing touches, such as sprinkles & a cherry on top.

What’s cuter than a cupcake? Cupcakes on your nails! The process was fairly easy, but it’ll take some time for each layer to dry before moving on. I did put too much “frosting” on 2 of my nails, so it got mushed up when I went out. I’ll have to remember not to do anything until it’s completely dried.

1) I always take paper from the recycling bin (this was an Rite-Aid ad) to test out color combinations first. This makes it easier when it’s time to actually paint my nails because I already have an idea how it will come out. Plus, some colors just do not go well together.

2) Put on a clear base coat. Put on a bright coordinating color on your thumb, middle & pinky finger. (Revlon – Strength of Pink) Put on a neutral color on your index & ring finger to be used for the cupcake design. (Revlon – Sheer Nude)

3) Paint the cupcake liner across half of your nails. (O.P.I. – Yodel Me On My Cell)

4) Using a thin brush, create the vertical creases of the cupcake liner. (LA Colors Art Deco – Silver)

5) Paint a fluffy white dome on top of the cupcake liner. Try to not make this layer too thick. Unfortunately, mine was & it got mushed when I picked up my purse. (Wet n Wild Wild – French White Creme

6) Use a clear glitter nail polish to add the “sprinkles” on the “frosting.” (E.l.f. – Sparkles)
7) Use a Dotting Toolor a toothpick to create the “cherry” on top. Dip your tool into the polish color to create a circle. I used a toothpick to create the heart. Practice on paper first so you can get it perfect on your nails on the first try. (Nailtini – Mango Rita) When everything is completely dry, add a clear top coat.
This is possibly the cutest nail design I’ve done so far. I’m so happy with the way it came out. I’m sure I’ll go through all the colors of the rainbow to create more cupcakes in the future.

Hope you like this tutorial! ENJOY!

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Nailtiques 1 – used as my base coat to help my nails get stronger. Here’s the larger bottle.
Nailtiques 2 – you’ll use this every day for a few weeks for brittle nails to get stronger.
Revlon – Strength of Pink
Wet n Wild – White
Revlon – Sheer Nude
O.P.I. – Yodel Me On My Cell
LA Colors Art Deco – Silver
E.l.f. – Sparkles
Nailtini – Mango Rita

Nail Stamping Tutorial

Nail Stamping Tutorial

Nail stamping has been gaining popularity in the past year or so. Nail art has become all the rage. I surfed many nail blogs & YouTube videos to learn more about nail stamping. Then, I took the plunge. I bought myself the Konad Stamper & some plates from Konad & Bundle Monster.
Overall, the Konad plates cost more, but they work 100% of the time. Bundle Monster has a wider variety of plates, but I’ve had some read duds. Either the etched design is too shallow or there was just too much space in the design, so the color never gets picked up. I think I’ll stick with Konad from now on. The price is worth the product working 100% of the time. Less frustrations & headaches from having to re-do your nails because the design didn’t get picked up properly.
Your fingers should already have the base coat & color on it before you start. Make sure the color is completely dry before attempting to stamp, otherwise your color will get mushed up.
The idea behind nail stamping is to use your nail polish to fill the design etched into the plates (that’s a Bundle Monster BM-213 plate I’m using).
Using either the squeegee supplied or an old plastic credit card, you swipe off the excess nail polish from the template. Make sure to use newpaper to protect your table. No one likes nail polish all over their wood/glass table.
Then you take your Konad stamping tool with the rubbery end & roll it on top of the template to pull the design off. Now the design is attached to your tool. It looks pretty cool at this point.
Quickly, but carefully, place the design on your nail & roll it from one end to the other & pull off. Magically, the design transfers onto your nail.
Clean the stamping tool with nail polish remover. And repeat the steps for your other nails.
Using a cotton swab, clean off the edges. It comes off pretty easily. I put some flowers using the smaller end of the stamping tool onto my thumb. The flowers are from a Konad plate.

This is such a fun & easy thing to do to liven up your nails. If you have old chipping nail polish, it’s the best time to experiment with stamping before you remove your polish.
I’ve found old, thick, opaque nail polishes work best for stamping. Putting a light base color with a darker stamping color makes the best contrast. The websites all tell you to buy their special stamping nail polishes, but I’ve read elsewhere many of the ones you already own work just as well. My Wet ‘n Wild White nail polish from over 15 years ago (bought at Caldors which closed down eons ago) works really well. This is a great way to use up all those old nail polishes that’s been sitting around.

Have you tried nail stamping? What’s your favorite design? Happy stamping!

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Essie – Sew Psyched
New York Color – Precious Peacock
Wet n Wild Wild – French White Creme
The plate I used above (BM-213) came from this Bundle Monster Set
Konad Plates
Nailtiques 1 – used as my base coat to help my nails get stronger. Here’s the larger bottle.
Nailtiques 2 – you’ll use this every day for a few weeks for brittle nails to get stronger.

DIY Matte Nail Polish Tutorial

Did you know you can get the Matte Nail Polish look without having to buy anything extra? There are tons of Matte Nail Polishes out there now since it’s the new trend. They’ve even created a Matte Top Coat so that you can mattify any of your current nail polishes.

If I can find a way to DIY, I will. Here’s a free DIY Matte Nail Polish you can do at home. FREE is always better. ;-D

DIY Matte Nail Polish Tutorial

All you need are:

Clear Base Coat
Nail Polish Color
Pot of boiling water
Top Coat (optional)

matte nails 1
Heat up water over your stovetop. While that is heating up, you can put your clear base coat. And your nail polish color. Let that dry, then apply a second coat of your color. By this time, your water should be boiling. Carefully hover you fingers over the water. Be very careful, because the steam is strong & can burn. You can also just turn off the stove top at this point & hover your nails over. You’ll immediately notice a matte hue to the color. You’re basically done! Make sure you let the color air dry.

matte nails2
You can see Matte & Shiny finger in the above picture. You can use a top coat to change your matte nail back to shiny. I used it to create a French manicure look with the matte & shiny.

matte nails3
This is so simple & can be done with any of your current nail polishes. I love saving money & I hope you do, too!


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Nailtiques 1 – used as my base coat to help my nails get stronger. Here’s the larger bottle.
Nailtiques 2 – you’ll use this every day for a few weeks for brittle nails to get stronger.

Smores Pop Tutorial

Smores Pop Tutorial by ilovemunkie

Most everyone loves smores, but sometimes things get a little sticky when you make it the conventional way. I’ve found a great idea by making Smores Pops instead. This is a really fun & easy project to do at home. This is very kid-friendly so you can get the kiddies involved & they will love you so much more for it. They may make a little mess, but they can always lick it up. This is also a wonderful favor to give away at bridal showers, birthday parties, & even at a wedding.

1 bag of Large Marshmallows
1 bag of chocolate Candy Melts (12 oz) or chocolate chips
1 box of Graham Crackers
1 bag of Lollipop Sticks (you’ll need about 50 sticks)
1 bag of clear Favor Bags (optional)
String (optional)

Line a baking sheet with foil. You will lay your final product on the baking sheet.

Open up your bag of marshmallows. Try not to eat one right then & there. *sigh* No one ever listens. 😉

Open your graham crackers & place them into a zip-lock bag. You can crush them by pounding them with a rolling pin or even putting them into a food processor. It’s up to you if you have aggression to let out that day or not. I like the crumbs fairly small so they adhere better.

Start a double boiler over the stove. You will use a saucepan & boil some water. Turn the heat to low & put a heat resistant bowl on top. Be careful, the bowl will get hot. Put your Candy Melts or chocolate in there & mix with a spatula until all the chocolate have melted. You can keep your chocolate over the heat. Just make sure the burner is on low at this point otherwise you’ll burn the chocolate.

When your chocolate is completely melted (no lumps), you can begin your assembly line.

1) Take marshmallow & dip into the chocolate.
2) Now dip that into the graham cracker mixture.
3) Insert Lollipop stick into the end with chocolate & graham crackers. Lay on the baking sheet.
4) Repeat. When all of them are done, you may want to put it into the fridge to ensure the chocolate is set.
5) Optional – put 2 Smores Pop into a favor bag & tie with string.
6) Optional – You can very, very carefully use your gas stove top to melt the marshmallows, but please have adult supervision. And if you’re an adult, just don’t burn off your eyebrows, okay?!?


Easy Peasy & it’s so cute!

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Wilton Dark Candy Cocoa Melts
Lollipop Sticks
Graham Crackers
Favor Bags