The Fat Radish Review

The ambiance is wonderful. I absolutely adore the rustic decor, the white bricks &  the harvest tables. I love everything about the place. The server was friendly &  helpful. The food was presented beautifully. Unfortunately, the food was nothing spectacular.
They give you a complimentary plate of radishes, which were surprisingly bitter & spicy. No one at the table liked it.

The most talked about item in the menu is the Scotch egg, which is an egg wrapped with sausage & deep fried. It comes with a delicious spicy mustard & cornichons (baby gherkin pickles). At $10  for one egg cut in half,  it is a pricey appetizer, but one that was highly recommended. It was not oily whatsoever. The taste of the sausage & egg was mild. I was expecting it to be more flavorful, but I would still recommend you try it at least one.
The pea pot pie had a flakey outer crust which was good. The filling of snap peas &  green peas were flavored very lightly & it was on the sparse side.

The kale Caesar salad was fresh. It came with crunchy croutons & 2 pieces of salty anchovies. This was a good started.

The special appetizer of chicken thighs was pan seared giving it a slightly crunchy skin. The  chicken was tender. This was a good choice, but it was a special & they change according to what is in season.
The pork chop with couscous was on the dry side. I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

The carrot appetizer was just a bunch of mixed carrots cooked blandly. The larger carrots weren’t completely cooked, which made for really crunchy carrots.

The curried monkfish was cooked well, with a spicy kick to the flavors. We liked this dish.

Overall, the experience was just okay. We felt the food fell short of the rave reviews. The ambiance &  service were excellent though.

Taverna Kyclades Review


33-07 Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 545-8666

Hubby & his family & I came here for dinner on the recommendation by a friend who lives nearby. We almost didn’t wait for a table because of online reviews mentioning wait times of an hour or more. SIL decided to put our names down anyway & was informed of a 30 minute wait. This place was completely packed, inside & out. The Greek restaurant across the street was empty & they were just standing around swatting flies. I felt bad for them.

As luck would have it, we got a table within 15 minutes for the 5 of us. Thankfully, it was inside since it was a bit chilly sitting outside. The inside is smaller than it appears but we had enough room. I read plenty of reviews online for Taverna Kyclades before we ordered, so we made our choices based on them.

We started with the large Peasant Salad which comes with 2 giant pieces of Feta cheese. This was more than enough for 5 people. We had some left over. There were chunks of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers & Kalamata olives with a nice dressing. This was a healthy starter.


Large Peasant Salad

We also ordered a plate of the Tzatziki sauce. It doesn’t come with anything else but we used the complimentary bread that they give to each table & dipped it into the tzatziki. I need to first tell you that the bread they have is pretty amazing. They give you a whole baguette, cut in half. It comes warm & lightly drizzled in olive oil. The outside is nice & crisp, while the inside is tender soft. It is not chewy at all, which I love because chewy bread tends to make my jaw muscles tired. The tzatziki itself was delicious. I dipped everything into it. I could probably scoop the whole dish into my mouth & I’d be highly satisfied.


Crispy & Tender Bread with Tzatziki Sauce

The absolute star of the whole entire meal would have to be the Grilled Octopus. The server brought the dish to the table, then proceeded to cut the octopus into smaller bites. The octopus was grilled perfectly. It was tender & had an amazing char-grilled flavor to it. It was seasoned with olive oil & lemon. And it came with slices of cucumbers. Everything worked with the octopus. I had to dip my bread into the lemony olive oil afterwards & it was divine. I’ve already forgotten about the tzatziki at this point. Octopus wins!


Grilled Octopus – I wish they gave us all 8 tentacles!

Each entree comes with your choice of a side, so you don’t have to order anything extra.

Entree1: Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat – this came with 5 pieces (perfect for our table of 5). The shrimp was huge & it had a layer of crab on top. The crab was a little on the mushy side, but the shrimp was tasty. Hubby wasn’t that thrilled with this dish.

Crab stuffed Shrimp

Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat

Side1: Roasted Lemon Potatoes – this was white potatoes roasted in a lemony sauce. No one really liked this too much. The potatoes were very grainy & the lemon sauce didn’t wow our palate.


Roasted Lemon Potatoes

Entree2: Grilled Chicken Kebob – this came with 5 pieces as well (how’d they know?!?). The chicken came in large chunks & they were moist & juicy. There were also grilled veggies (onions, tomato & peppers) that came on the plate, along with a side of tzatziki sauce. The veggies were nicely char-grilled & we were wishing there were more.


Grilled Chicken Kebob

Side2: Beets – it was a plate of sliced beets cooked with a bit of chopped garlic. This was nothing fancy or special.


Sliced Beets

Entree3: Branzino fish – Market Price at $28. We ordered a whole char-grilled European Sea Bass. We asked them not to de-bone the fish since MIL & FIL loves bones, heads & tails. The meat on the fish was flakey & tender. We added a squeeze of lemon juice to enhance the flavors.


Branzino – European Sea Bass

Side3: Rice – fluffy & tasty yellow rice as a side. Again, the side wasn’t anything spectacular.



We ordered just enough for 5 adults. Some of the portions are huge (like the salad), the rest were a decent portion. We finished off just about everything on our table. The bill came out to $135 after tax & tip. Not bad for feeding 5 very hungry adults (2 men & 3 women).


I think we licked our plates!

This was definitely a satisfying meal. I’ll definitely come here again to try other recommendations like the scallops & clams. The food didn’t leave me in a food coma haze, which was a good sign. I was pleasantly full & feeling good since most of the food we had ordered was pretty healthy & not saturated in unknown fats & oils.