100 Acts of Kindness

Seeing my cousin’s post prompted me to think about starting my own 100 Acts of Kindness. I will use my blog to document this on-going list. Be it big or small, I hope these acts of kidness can bring a smile onto someone’s face, or brighten someone’s day, or make someone feel loved & cared for. It act doesn’t have to be extraordinary, but kindness in general can help make an enormous difference. Something may be small & inconsequential to you, but it may mean the world to someone else. If only each & every one of us would commit to doing one act of kindness every day, I’m thinking there would be so many more happy & kinder people out there.

100. Pray daily for my friends & family to be safe, happy & healthy.
99. Pray for my friend’s hubby, my friend’s father & co-worker’s father for the hardship they are going through & hoping everyone will be healthy again.
98. Made Lucas scrambled eggs with cheese for dinner. He loved it.
97. Washed all the dishes so that my cousin & her hubby wouldn’t need to do it after a long day at work & taking care of the kids.
96. Approached & befriended the new girl at CF & encouraged her throughout her first WOD.
95. Spoke to the owner to put in a good word for my friend who wants to be a coach. She got the job!
94. Made a healthy dinner for the cuz-in-law.
93. Encouraged CIL to do sprints with me at the park so he can kick-start his exercising routine.
92. Baked cookies for my friends as a little treat.
91. Helped SIL with bridal shower projects.
90. Smiled & said Good Morning to a random older guy walking his dog.
89. Offered my co-worker a cookie.
88. Re-organized the pantry, recyclables & threw out junk mail (found 2 Metro cards) for the cousin.
87. Helped pick up groceries for my cousin while at Trader Joes.
86. Gave positive feedback to my coach & his box. And I meant every word.
85. Cheered on a fellow CFer on trying the 350lb tire flip. Success!
84. Treated hubby & 2 friends to dinner.
83. Encouraged a friend to go ride a bike. She loved it & now wants to find a bike to purchase.
82. Encouraged a friend to try yoga to kick start her summer work out.
81. Informed friends of free DOT helmet event.
80. Gave my extra Michaels coupons to the people standing on line.
79. Helped a fellow CFer with kipping pull ups.
78. Brought the cousin’s kids to the park to give them some exercise.
77. Asked my co-worker if she needed me to pick up some stuff for her & she did.