Purbird Review

82 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 857-2473

Purbird, located in the North Slope area of Brooklyn, was highly recommended to me by my brother & SIL, so I had to go try it. I’ve been back twice already & I love it more every time. It’s not a fancy place. You order at the counter & they bring it to your table. It’s as simple as that.

Their specialty is the Amish farm-raised chicken, so you must order anything with the chicken. The staff are all super friendly & helpful if you’re not sure what to order. Everything is very affordable & they make a killing with their take-out business. Their best seller is the Chicken Breast Sandwich which comes with grilled chicken breast, avocado, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a toasted roll.

I ate the Chicken Breast Sandwich both times. I couldn’t help myself. It was good & I wanted more. The chicken is moist & tender, the toasted roll adds a nice crunchy/soft bite, the avocado adds creaminess, and anything with the word (turkey) bacon in it makes everything taste better!

If you don’t mind spicy, I’d suggest a side of the Jalapeno Mashed. It’s their mashed potatoes with a jalapeno puree. The jalapeno kick is amazing. I, reluctantly, had to share with my friend. I tried my best to eat only 50% of the dish, but it was so tasty that I think I entered the 60% territory. I’m so sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself.

They also have a sweet potato mash which is just as good. It is very creamy & smooth. I even scooped a dollop right into my sandwich. I have a bad habit of mixing my foods together to create a different taste/texture. For example, I’ve been putting chips into my sandwich since 1995, which was way before Bobby’s (Flay) Burgers came out with their Crunchified burgers. He ripped off my idea. Yep. What a jerk! I digress.

The creamed spinach was a really fresh & tasty side as well.  

I love this place. It’s good, inexpensive, fresh food, done right. I’m sure you’ll love it, too.

Garlic Dill Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Garlic Dill Mashed Potatoes by Me

6 medium sized Red Potatoes
5 cloves minced garlic
½ cup of milk (more if still dry)
½ stick of salted butter (more if you like it creamier)
½ cup fresh dill (washed & rough chopped)
1 teaspoon Salt (add more for taste)
1 teaspoon Pepper (add more for taste)

Wash & clean your potatoes. Use a peeler to peel the skin off. Cut the potatoes into smaller pieces. I like to cut them in half, & then cut each section into 6 pieces. Put the potatoes into a microwavable bowl & add a damp paper towel on top. Cook in the microwave for 8-10 minutes. I used the automatic Potato setting on the microwave.

dill potatoes1
Unpeel the skin off your garlic. Using a garlic press, crush your garlic. If you don’t own a garlic press, you can finely mince your garlic.

When the potatoes are ready, use a potato masher or a fork to mash. They should mash easily. If not, then the potatoes need to be cooked longer. A fork takes forever to mash, so I would highly recommend a potato masher.

dill potatoes2
Add the butter, milk, garlic, salt & pepper & incorporate into the potatoes. If it still feels dry, add more milk. Add the dill last & mix until incorporated.
dill potatoes3