Adventures in Canadia – Desserts

Let’s talk about Desserts. Yes, I’m talking about those yummy delicious bites of goodness after having a nice, filling meal. Or for some, they’ll eat it as their meal. 🙂

8360 Kennedy Rd
Markham, ON L3R 9W4
(905) 940-1303
I can’t tell you how many times we’ve come here for their fresh out-of-the-oven, piping hot, delectable egg tarts. Oh, if there was something I can eat every day, it would be these egg tarts. I ate 2 while on my last trip to Canada last week, and I’ve eaten one per day since I came back. Ummm…you caught me, I brought 2 dozen back. *burp*

They offer egg tarts with 2 different crusts. One is a more crumbly cookie crust, while the other is my personal preference, the tender, flakey, buttery, layered, puff pastry type of crust. See, even the description of that sounds so much better. 😀

The egg custard is best when it first comes out of the oven. It is smooth, creamy, tender, warm custardy goodness. Oh, words cannot describe how it tastes, but pictures can try to convey this to you. You can always re-heat them in the toaster oven, but they’ll never taste as good as when they first come out of the oven.

(they have multiple locations)

Let’s talk about crepes. The hubby’s cousin brought us here over the winter. She was just there the night before, but she was more than willing to go again. Yes, she loves food just as much as we do. Hubby’s entire family loves food, so I guess I fit right in.

This is a place for the young kids to hang out late at night. It was completely packed & there was a line streaming out the door. While waiting on line, we watched the people behind the counter prepare large plates of crepes with extra portions of whipped cream, cut huge pieces of cake & top with more whipped cream & make waffles with fruit, ice cream & drizzled with a generous amount of fudge. I was getting a little nervous by the huge portions & the amount of sugar I was about to ingest.
We ordered the Moo La La. It’s a crepe filled with a huge serving of Nutella ice cream, bananas, almond slivers & drizzled with fudge.
The other item we ordered was a waffle with chocolate ice cream, strawberries & whipped cream.

Both were huge but the 3 of us devoured it & only left remnants of fudge on the place. The highlight was the homemade Nutella ice cream.

4390 Steeles Ave. E
Markham, Ontario
(inside Market Village which is the older part of Pacific Mall)
Hubby’s cousin recommended this place to us. We were a bit skeptical about eating here because it looked like a complete hole in the wall. But, we were proven wrong. They specialize in soy beans (obviously) & we were blown away by their sweet tofu desserts. The creaminess of the tofu was unbelievable without any graininess whatsoever. They have most definitely perfected this recipe. Each bite was better than the last. We ate here twice last week. Oh, the gluttony.

The hot tofu with ginger syrup (top right) was perfect for a cold day (we had this one earlier in the year). The slight spiciness from the ginger just warms your tummy. The cold tofu with coconut milk & tapioca (middle left) was so delicious that we went back the next day to order more. It’s only good if you are a coconut milk fan. We loved it. The hubby’s mom ordered the hot tofu with sesame (lower right). I wasn’t a fan of this one because the sesame soup was really thick, plus we ate it on a hot & humid day. I prefer the cold tofu on a hot day.

2 Locations – Pacific Mall & Market Village (one in the old side of Pacific Mall)
Pacific Mall – 4300 Steeles Ave E, Unit N-6/N-8 Pacific Mall, Markham, ON L3R
Market Village – 4350 Steeles Avenue E, Unit 106, PO Box 85, Markham, ON L3R 9V4
These are world famous Egg Rolls. No, not the ones you get at fast food restaurants. These are crunchy, thin cookies rolled up. They start out using batter that resembles pancake batter. Then they put it on a machine that cooks the batter, almost like a crepe. Then these little ladies takes what looks like a curling iron & carefully folds them & roll them to the egg roll shape. A package contains 16 of these addicting egg rolls. We always end up bringing home at least a box or 2 (10 in a box). They also offer a flat version filled with dried coconut shred which is also good, but not as popular.

Here comes the fun part. When I went home, I stuffed them with coffee ice cream & let it re-freeze again. You should eat these as soon as possible because the egg rolls eventually get a little soggy. Of course, these usually don’t last more than a day because they’re so yummy. This is my version of a cannoli! 🙂
This place is also famous for their eggettes or eggies or egg cakes. Whatever you want to call it, I’d call it delicious. These are made fresh & piping hot. You pull off one or two & pop them into your mouth. They have a slight crunchiness on the outside & a warm, soft center. Heavenly little pillows of goodness.

I look like a crazed person, but I’m just crazy for the eggies!!!

9665 Bayview Ave, Unit 1-4
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4
(905) 883-1465

We only go here to pick up their scrumptious meringue cakes. The cake is made out of meringue & almond pieces. They offer 2 fillings: strawberry or mango. Both are equally delicious, but we’ve been ordering mango more lately (it’s also my 1st choice). The filling is made up of unsweetened whipped cream & diced fruit. The meringue is sweet enough. Sometimes tooth achingly sweet where I would cough from all the sugar, but it goes so well with the whipped cream & fruit that I’d still continue eating my piece.
02-MerigueCake 11-MerigueCake
They offer 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ & 14″ for $20, $28, $38, $59 & $60 respectively. They pre-cut the slices for you because if you cut it yourself, everything would crumble & get smushed. Not a pretty sight but I’d still eat it if that happened! The large feeds 12 people, which is great for a large party, or 6 sugar addicts. It is on the pricey side, but it is another splurge we are willing to make.

Oh, Canadia, why does everything taste so much better in Canadia?!?

Adventures in Canadia – T&T Supermarket

T&T Supermarket
They have multiple locations in the Markham/Scarborough/Toronto area:
Woodbine – 9255 Woodbine Ave., Markham, ON L6C 1Y9
Milliken – 5661 Steeles Ave. East, Scarborough, ON M1V 5P6
Unionville – 8339 Kennedy Road, Building C, G/F, Markham ON L3R 5T5
Toronto (Downtown) – 222 Cherry St., Toronto, ON M5A 3L2
Put me in a T&T Supermarket & I will run rampant. An adult (namely me) in a T&T supermarket is the equivalent to a kid in a candy store. I can go buck-wild in this store. I can spend hours on end going up & down every aisle & then walking them all over again. There’s so much to explore. Some stores are bigger than others, but they all have great quality food. I am absolutely in love with this supermarket.


Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Curry Pastry and Egg Tarts

Upon entering the store, the first thing you’ll notice is the bakery. They bake all their breads & bun pastries fresh, daily. They’re so fresh that they can’t seal the bags because they’re still piping hot. You’ll have to grab a twisty tie when you grab a bag to close it up. That’s how fresh it is.

Taro paste baked into fresh Bread


Pineapple bun with Red Bean filling

Seriously, these bakers are so skilled in their craft. Everything is tender soft. The fillings are always delicious & never overly sweet. You can’t go wrong with anything you pick up.

Fresh Sushi


Spicy Salmon Onigiri

They also have a vast section devoted to hot & cooked foods. You can get roast pork & soy sauce chicken over rice, dim sum items, sushi, Vietnamese sandwiches, steamed buns, sweet tofu dessert, egg tarts & lots of other Asian food items. They even offer tapioca drinks & soy milk.

Fruits and Produce

After all that, then you realize this is a supermarket! There’s fresh produce & fruit, frozen items, baking items, sauces, meats, fresh seafood & so much more. They have an extensive snack section for Asian cookies, candies, chocolates & potato chips with weird flavors that you don’t usually find (i.e. curry, sushi, roasted chicken, okonomiyaki, & seaweed flavors).

Hot Foods

Some stores even have a whole beauty section with imported items from Hong Kong, Korea, China & other countries. All the packaging is so cute!tntoverview.jpg
The Milliken location in Scarborough has a food court. These are restaurants not associated with T&T. We went there for breakfast before we headed back to NY. The food at Original Congee restaurant was delicious. They were Hong Kong style dishes, which I love. Fast, cheap & good food. This kind of food makes me wish we did live in Canada…sometimes.

Rice Roll, Fried Noodle, Congee, Turnip Cake, Rice Roll (again)Fried Sweet Dough

Visiting a T&T supermarket is always on our agenda when we visit Canada. We always shop on the last day so we can bring back some fresh baked goodies on the ride home.


Adventures in Canadia – Casa Victoria Review

8601 Warden Ave, Unit 4-6
Markham, ON L3R 0B5, Canada

If you want high end dim sum in the Markham area of Canada, then Casa Victoria is the place for you. The restaurant is elegantly decorated, the food is excellent & the prices matches the quality of the food. It is definitely on the expensive side, but if you want to indulge, then this is the place to do it.
The restaurant is very popular during lunch time, so if you plan to go, you’ll most likely have to wait for a table. The place is quite large, but it fills up quickly because the Asian community really love their dim sum. It is a madhouse during the weekends, but if you go early or on a weekday, you might luck out with a table.
From left to right:
Spare ribs, fried tofu rolls, beef ribs, fried dough rice roll (can’t remember what was in the 2nd rice roll), chicken feet, beef tripe, sui mai & har gow.

The food is amazing here & it is a place you should try at least once. Everything is made to perfection. From the thin, freshly made silky smooth rice rolls to the finger licking good beef ribs to the har gow which is 3x bigger than your normal shrimp dumplings, you will not be disappointed. We absolutely love it here.

If you are in the area or plan to visit, this is a must try.