Geometric Grey/Pink Nails Tutorial

The Geometric look is actually quite simple to do, but you’ll need a little patience. I chose hues of pinks & greys for my nails because I had those shades on hand. You can do whatever color combo you want. It’s really up to you to decide.

Always use a base coat before applying any color on your nails. This will prevent yellowing of your nails. Dark reds, purples, blacks & blues can cause major discoloration. The stains are not pretty & you’ll definitely regret not using a base coat.

I applied a light grey color over all my nails. You must wait for this layer to dry completely. It should not feel tacky to the touch.  This is probably the most important step for this nail design.

Next, you will cut 28 strips of Nail Tape. You will use 3 on each nail (the pinky has 2 since it’s just a cross). I like to make all the boxes different sizes. For the ring finger, I did 3 stripes as my accent nail.

Tape both hands. Once your tape is on, you will now carefully apply your 4 colors to each box. Instead of switching nail polish 4 times on each nail, I started with the darkest color & applied it to all the nails, then went to the 2nd color, etc. I used one color for the accent nail.

I am a secret perfectionist. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Anyway, I was being geeky & created this table for each nail if you really want a different color in the same section of each nail. Does that even make sense? Well, I hope you understand once you see the table. Even geekier, I had to google to get the code to create a table. I’ve totally forgotten how to create a table with HTML! *sigh*

Nail 1 Nail 2 Nail 3 Nail 4

A, B, C, D representing the 4 different shades you’ve picked out. I was in Chicago when I had to write down this color combo. Even on vacation, I think of my nails. Good grief.

Let the polish dry & then carefully pull off all the tape. Apply a top coat to preserve your nail design. Look at how pretty this came out! I couldn’t stop looking at them once I was finished.

Who says you can’t be fashionable when you Crossfit?!? Always look your best even when you’re a sweaty mess. 🙂


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