Gabs Bag from Italy Review

Gabs Bag Review

I came across this bag while shopping. It had initially caught my eye when I first entered the store. I’d almost forgotten about it until I was ready to pay for my purchase. I decided to take a closer look before I paid.

The best part about this bag is that it can be transformed into multiple bags. This makes it a great bag to travel with since you have so many different options to choose from. It’s so versatile & fun.

The product is made in Italy with Italian leathers. The products looks really nicely made & is very sturdy, yet stylish.

I bought the medium sized bag, but they had a larger one as well. They come in all sorts of colored leathers, but I went for the grey because I figured I can use it all the time & it’ll match just about any outfit I wear.

The 2 sides of the bag has 2 different materials. One side is a nice patchwork of Italian leather, while the other is a wool-like material. So, just by turning the bag around, it’ll look like you have a totally different bag.
Option 1 – Flat bag using the 2 leather handles. This is good for carrying flat items such as your Ipad, papers, note pads, etc.
Option 2 – Crossbody Flat bag (comes with the strap). This was a major plus for me because I like to keep my hands free when I travel. The zippered top gives me confidence that pickpockets won’t be able to access my bag as easily.
Option 3 – Bucket style bag using the 2 leather handles or shortening the detachable strap to use on your shoulder.
With the snap of their signature blue buttons on the bottom & the additional leather insert that helps maintain the shape, the bag is transformed!
Franco Gabbrielli is such a clever designer. This bag is great for everyday use for work or for shopping. It can fit all your daily essentials along with a ton of other non-essentials (i.e. like hubby’s phone, wallet & whatever else he decides he doesn’t want to carry in his pockets anymore). 😛
Option 4 – Boxy square shaped bag.
By snapping the top 2 buttons, you now have another bag. This one is cute when you carry it on the crook of your elbow with a cute summer dress.

There’s also a tiny note pad wrapped in soft leather that dangles on the side of the bag. This is another signature of the brand. This is for all those important notes you need to take on the whim. The bag should have included a reusable shopping bag but I think someone took it. 😦 That’s okay, it’s not important enough for me to run back to the store for.

Overall, this is such a cute, fun & versatile bag. I can see myself using it all the time. What do you think?

Where to Purchase:
Gabs 3G Patchwork Convertible Bag, Black / Brown Grey