A Year Ago Today…

One Year as Mr. & Mrs. McMunkie
The 2 basked in the glory of engagement-hood for over 3 months before deciding they wanted to get hitched in 2012. They decided to go venue hunting in Canada in January. That was a major failure. They went again in February with more promise. They finally locked down a venue & photographer in March. By May, the venue informed them their head chef quit, so they were left without a caterer. With some fast acting, a caterer was secured & the wedding was saved. 5 months of wedding planning ended up being highly stressful (more so for the bride than the groom), but it was totally worth it when everything came together.

It was a very hot day for the wedding, but it was sunny & beautiful as well. The ceremony lasted all of 10 minutes (the couple didn’t want to bore the guests, who were already dying of heat & starvation). Unfortunately, the venue did not have any AC. The cocktail hour began & the guests hunted down all the food servers & started to drink themselves into a stupor. While everyone was enjoying themselves & were all congregated within the venue, the weather Gods decided it was time for some rain. It provided the guests with some welcome relief from the hot day. Then, as fast as the rain had come, it was all gone & completely dry in a matter of minutes.

Speeches were made, first dance as husband & wife, father/daughter dance, some fancy schmancy dinner was served & then the bride’s Papa decided it was time to get the party started. He was the only one on the dance floor, soon a crowd formed & everyone danced & laughed the night away. The Sweets table was an absolute hit with the guests, but especially the ring bearer. He was bouncing off the walls after devouring all the sweets!

For all the blood, sweat & tears involved in the preparation leading up to the wedding day, it was blissfully gone within a few hours. What is left are the memories of the most perfect wedding ever (in the bride & groom’s eyes, anyway).

Happy One Year Anniversary, my Love!