Adventures in Canadia – Matsuda Japanese Restaurant Review

5651 Steeles Ave. E
Scarborough, ON M1V 5P6
Matsuda is an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet. They give you a menu & you put in your order. The place is wildly popular since the food is great with good service & of course, it’s all you can eat, which means every Asian & their mamas are here. Even on a weeknight, it’s packed, but it gets even crazier on weekends. The price is $2 cheaper on a Mon-Thursday at $21.99 for an adult. Weekends & holidays, the price goes up to $23.99.

They have a good offering of raw foods as well as a whole bunch of hot foods such as robata (grilled items), salads, teppanyaki, noodles & tempura to accommodate those who don’t like raw.

Now here comes the picture. There were many hits, but there were also a few misses. Let’s do a photo review of Matsuda.
I couldn’t stop eating the Salmon & White Tuna Sashimi. They were super fresh, came in large pieces & melted in my mouth.
The Chawanmushi aka Steamed Egg was absolutely divine. It was so silky smooth, hot & delicious. This was such a perfect one person portion, but alas, I had to share with the hubby. We didn’t want to order more in case there were other goodies to fill our tummies, but this was possibly the best steamed egg I’ve ever had.
The Hand Rolls were good. They weren’t anything fancy. The Sushi Rolls were only okay because we had ordered cooked fish in them to accommodate grandma, so I didn’t eat too many pieces. I think the raw fish would have been much better since the sashimi was really good.
The Beef Tataki was sliced thin & was another absolute hit. It was so tender & flavorful. I know some people are afraid of raw beef, but this was another must order item on the menu.
I didn’t try the Fried Mayo Shrimp. I was avoiding the fried foods since I have been eating too much lately. I think these were standard mayo shrimp that most Chinese restaurants offer.
I don’t remember what fish this was but it was nicely cooked with teriyaki sauce.
The Inari (sweet tofu sushi) was really good. They make them different from the ones I’m used to (the ones that they stuff rice into). This was some of the best Inari I’ve ever eaten. It was addicting.

The Unagi Don aka grilled eel over rice was a tiny portion, but the eel was tasty. There was too much rice for such a small piece of eel though.
This Avocado Seafood Salad sounded so good on the menu. They stated it takes 25 minutes to prepare. We ordered 4 in anticipation of this delicious yumminess. It turned out to be such a disappointment. The avocado wasn’t even seasoned, but if you’ve never had warm baked avocado, I would suggest you never to try it. It was disgusting. Some small bits of seafood were mixed into it, but it just did not work. We were majorly disappointed with this one.
The Cold Buckwheat Soba Noodle was presented so beautifully. A tiny uncooked quail egg with the top of the shell cracked open. A plate of sauce & the soba noodles in a little box.
You take the egg & mix it into the sauce, then you put all your noodles in & coat every strand, then you eat. Unfortunately, the dish was really under seasoned, so all you tasted was cold noodles.
And to end off the meal, everyone ordered multiple desserts. Yes, multiple. The most popular being the Mango Yoghurt (that’s how they spell it over there). This is a mango puree over some gelatinous yoghurt. Hubby’s uncle ordered 6 of them! I tried one, & then had 2 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. The mango yoghurt was definitely a winner. It wasn’t too sweet, the perfect balance of flavors. But, the green tea ice cream was dreamy. I can eat a gallon of that in one sitting, even though I’m not a big ice cream person. I’ll be dreaming about it tonight. 😀

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my review & pictures. Happy eating!