Last Wednesday’s WOD was a killer. Apparently, no one was able to finish it. They took it straight out of the CF Regionals from last year, so you know it’s some craziness.

WOD – 22 minute time cap
50 Back Squats (135/95)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
50 Front Squats (95/65)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
50 OHS (65/45)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead (65/45)

Prior to this WOD, I was out of commission for 2 days.

Here’s the back story. Two Sundays ago, I went for a 4.5 mile run plus a mile walk. That’s the most I’ve done in a long time. I felt fine for the next 2 hours. Then, while walking to the car after lunch, I noticed my ankle wasn’t feeling right. I put on a foot brace, then proceeded to play 2 hours of softball with hubby’s friends. I’m sure running around the bases did not help the ankle much. I was limping before the night was over. I know, I know, I should know better, but I never learn. *Sigh*

I was unable to do anything for 2 weeks the last time this happened. Being out for 2 weeks was torturous. Thankfully it was only 2 days this time.

Going into CF after 2 days of inactivity was really hard. I was cautious, so I went with lower weights & used bands for the pull-ups. Amazingly, I was still able to get 225 Reps in. I was satisfied with my performance. I do have to admit that my quads & knees are stiff & tight from those killer squats.

I put my first official Did Not Finish in my book. I felt okay with it. I think I’ve made peace with D.N.F. Time caps are there to push you to do more reps, faster, but I won’t let it ruin my form just to finish a WOD. It just isn’t worth it in the end when your body feels like crap & it starts breaking down. Hey, at least I tried my very best in those 22 minutes & I think that’s all that really counts. I didn’t cheat myself in any way to finish. The weights were heavy & challenging, & I worked my butt off (literally) for those reps. I’m still very proud of myself.

I will not let you own me D.N.F.

Hammer Time

Today marks my 2 year Anniversary with Crossfit. I get rewarded by almost getting a DNF this week. If you didn’t know, DNF means Did Not Finish.

Have I mentioned how much I despise WODs with a time-cap?!? I’ve only gone to 2 boxes where I’ve encountered time-capped WODs. I’ve ALWAYS finished my WODs. I mean, ALWAYS, except for that one crazy self-inflicted Seal-Fit WOD I tried back in 09/2011 with my crazy Latina. The clock was hovering around 47 minutes when we finished 2 out of 4 rounds, at which time, we received a stern warning that fundamentals class was starting soon & we had to wrap it up. But that’s another story to be told another day.

HAMMER” was time-capped at 25 minutes.
5 Rounds, each for time, of:
5 – Power Cleans 135# 65#
10 – Front Squats 135# 65#
5 – Jerks 135# 65#
20 Pull-ups (thin red band, felt like the thin purple band)
Rest 90 seconds between each round

I got to the last round & started the Jerks when the time was up. The coach informed us he’ll give us 2 more minutes. I finished the Jerks, & then went to do the pull-ups. The pull-ups are the bane of my existence, my weakness, my kryptonite. My arms felt like wet noodles & were nearly falling off my body at this point. I’m admitting to you that plain & simple, I’m slow. I got through 12 of them when the 27 minutes were up.

The coach was serious when he said we should be done by now. So I whimpered off the pull-up bar & wrote in my book those dreaded 3 letters, DNF. It was branded in my book, scorching hot to the touch. I nearly had to contain my tears. Ok, that’s a lie, I don’t cry at Crossfit (except for that one time I nearly did but that’s another story as well).
The owner, another coach, came up to me & asked how I did. I told him I didn’t finish & I’ve NEVER not finished a WOD before. Yes, I had to use double negatives to get my point across. I mentioned I had 8 pull-ups left & he told me to go back on & just finish them. With that, I went back & knocked out my remaining 8 in 24 seconds. I felt relieved & satisfied at the same time because now I can cross-out DNF from my book. I tacked on the 24 seconds to my finished time.  

Hubby said I still DNF’ed the WOD because of the time-cap, but the fact is I still finished the WOD even if I didn’t meet the time limit. Those are just coach imposed time contraints because they don’t want the class to go on for too long. I don’t mind putting in the time & work into my WODS, but I do mind time-caps.

DNF has been scribbled out, so, it’s still a happy 2 year Crossfit anniversary to me. 🙂

All Burnt Out


Sometimes we need to hang up our sneakers…

When I first started Crossfit, I was instantly addicted. I was so gung-ho about it that I went 4-5x a week. 9 months rolled on & my first Crossfit Games Open (2012) came. I was even more energized, so when I went 5-6x a week. After coming off of the CF Games Open high, I felt completely & utterly unmotivated. I had to drag myself to CF. Even then, I had to wake myself up from the deep mental slumber I was in. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. My body did the work, but mentally, I just wasn’t there. I knew I love CF, but my subconscious was protesting. It didn’t want this anymore. It was done. My body was there, but my mind had left the building. All I wanted to do was take a long nap. I didn’t think it was possible, but I was burnt out from Crossfit.

I had spoken to a fellow CF friend about how I felt. She had a longer CF background so she totally understood where I was coming from. She’s been there before & offered her advice. She told me I needed a mental break. She suggested I take 2 weeks off & when I come back, I’ll be (mentally & physically) stronger than ever.

I really didn’t want to take a break. I felt like my performance will go down the drain. I would have to start all over again. But, as it was, my performance was less than stellar. I wasn’t advancing. I was plateauing, possibly even declining. I was extremely disappointed with myself. I chose to listen to her advice & took 2 weeks off.

I desperately needed a mental recharge. It gave time for my body to heal from the abuse I put it through. My muscles weren’t constant sore anymore. My body felt whole again. It felt fantastic being away, but I still longed to be back at CF.

I’d have to admit, the first day back was a complete drag, but it felt so invigorating when I was done. The break was exactly what I needed to recharge & gather myself together again. Since then, I’ve taken 1-2 weeks off intermittently when I felt I’m nearing the burn-out phase. It’s always a welcome relief, both mentally & physically.


…and trade them in for Munkie slippers to relax in.

Don’t be afraid to take some time out to give your body a rest. It will thank you for it. Your mind & body will be healthier with this balance. Give yourself a break; don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone needs some time off every now & then. Listen to your body & be kind to it. This is the only way to lead a happy, healthy & balanced life.

Crossfit Highs

Like I said in my previous post, Introducing Eva, there will be WODs that will absolutely kick your butt. You’ll leave the box feeling slightly disappointed (that you finished at the end of the pack), slightly happy (because you’d actually finish the WOD), but most definitely humble. Because these are the days you’ll know that no matter how good you think you are at something, there will no doubt be someone else who will be faster & stronger. This should makes you more determined to be better, to do better, to keep practicing, & to keep trying. Don’t let this slight roadblock discourage you. And do NOT, I repeat, do NOT ever quit. Quitting should never be an option (injuries are the exceptions to the rule).

So, Wednesday was a bad training day. I more than made up for it on Thursday’s WOD. To be honest, it was a bit chaotic with warming up, strength training & then the WOD. We were constantly moving in that hour, so it was hard to get a breath in there.

Yesterday’s training had 505 total reps, which is pretty crazy. The breakdown is as follows:
200 DUs, 75 air squats, 70 burpees, 50 push up, 45 Front Squats, 25 Push Press, 25 Clean Pulls & 15 SDHP.

Our WOD was a good one though. It could be done really quickly, or you can take forever if you are not proficient with DUs. Luckily, that’s one thing I excel in. Whew! Thank goodness!

100 DUs then
3 Rounds
5 SDHP (95/65) 55
10 Front Squats (95/65) 55
15 Bar-facing Burpees
then 100 DUs

I didn’t check out the whiteboard beforehand to see the times of others who have completed the WOD. As I was on my last 100 DUs, the coach kept saying I might beat the record. Uh, hey buddy, I just want to finish. Could you please stop watching me now? Geez, so much pressure. Haha

I finished in 13:39 minutes.

Afterwards, I looked at the whiteboard & I had beaten the top time by 19 seconds. Whoo hoo! I had finished first in my class & I had the best time overall for the day. Although, I must admit I didn’t do Rx.  Even the coach told me he has problems with DUs & that’s why his time suffered. Days like these are RARE, but I will take it with open arms. I also know that tomorrow is a new day & anything can happen. I can be first, last, or in the middle of the pack. I know I will still continue to push myself no matter where I finish & that won’t deter me from finishing. Thankfully, I have the encouragement of the coaches, as well as the rest of my fellow Crossfitters to egg me on.

Introducing Eva

Eva is a monster. I took one look at her & I already knew I didn’t like her. She is pure evil. I’ve never felt this way before until I had encountered her last night. I gave her a dirty stare, but in the end Eva whooped my butt. I’ve never felt so weak & puny before. The powers of Eva are so strong that she can make grown men cry, break down, & crumble to the ground. I know that’s how I felt.

Introducing Eva:
5 Rounds for Time
800m Run
30 Kettlebell swings (American) 75/44 (I did 22#)
30 Pull-ups


First round, I did unassisted pull-ups, but I was painfully slow. I was basically doing 1-2, then resting. I was the last person to be done. I switched over to the red band for the rest of the rounds. Even then, it was rough because my forearms were completely shot.

Second & third round, I struggled, & felt like I was about to puke. Alas, there nothing in my stomach, so that wasn’t an option. While running in the fourth round, I’d realized my tired upper body had nothing to do with my legs. My legs could move faster if I would just stop focusing on my sore arms. That gave me a little more pep to my run. Don’t get me wrong, I was still dead last, but I’d mentally saw I had more steam left in me & it kept me going.

I seriously contemplated quitting halfway through the WOD. They had a 40 minute time cap. I thought they would tell me it’s done, pack it up & go home. The time was 39:34 when I  completed the 4th round. I’d never thought I’d ever get a DNF (did not finish) for a WOD, but there’s always a first for everything. I was a little disappointed with myself, but I was also a little relieved that I could end my misery early. Then, I heard the coach tell us that we can continue until we are done.

Argh, why do they give us a choice?!? To be honest, I actually hate time caps on WODs because I’m the type who always want to finish what I’ve started. No matter how annoying, grueling & tough it is. I never want to mark my book with a DNF. So, I really didn’t have a choice. I begrudgingly chugged along.

It was 51:10 minutes of pure hell but what matters is that I had finished. I was second to last. These are the moments that make me very humble. There will be good & bad training days. This erred on the bad side, but I look at it this way: there’s always room for improvement. I’m a work in progress. Hopefully, today will be a good training day. Ah, wishful thinking. 🙂

Goal Setting

With Crossfit & in life, we all need to set some goals for ourselves. This makes you accountable for your actions. You can write it on your fridge, whiteboard, post-it note, FB, Twitter, journal, or tell it to your significant other, best friend or your mom. Putting it out there makes it more likely for you to follow through with your goals.

Trying to be someone else is not a goal. Stay true to yourself & have realistic, attainable goals. Make sure these goals are for you & not to impress or to compete with someone else. Your goal is to be better than you were yesterday. You are only competing against yourself.

As many of you already know, reaching for a goal usually starts with baby step. For example, for someone who have never worked out before & have decided they will run a marathon next month, that is a potential injury waiting to happen. You will need to train for a marathon. You need work your way up to build mileage week after week, month after month. If you don’t, you are almost guaranteed to damage your body in some way. Start slow & build up gradually. You can work towards the marathon for next year instead of next month. That would be a much smarter way to approach things.

I walked into Crossfit June 2011 not knowing how to do nearly 90% of the movements. I definitely couldn’t do a pull-up. And then there were all those Olympic lifts that look insane. I’ve always felt strong but quickly realized my upper body was lacking. Everything was intimidating, but I started learning slowly & under the watchful eyes of the coaches. There were days I hated the attention from the coaches. I’d want to tell them to go bother someone else. Looking back, I am thankful for their attention. I’m thankful that they’ve instilled in me this level of performance & focus on form. I’ve gone to many different boxes since my first day of CF & I’ve gotten compliments on my form & how I don’t compromise it even when I’m at my most exhausted state.

It took me 5 months to really get the hang of Double Unders. It took me over 6 months to get a kipping pull-up. Almost 2 years later, I’m still working on my Olympic lifts. I’ll always be a work in progress.

Will I ever get to competition level? Probably not. I’m not even striving for that. My goal is to be as healthy as I can be today & continue this lifestyle for as long as I can physically do it. This is a lifestyle change. I’m not here to show off or brag about how great & strong I am, I’m here to make myself accountable for my goals. This is my blog & I’m putting myself out there.

These are my goals for 2013:

I may not accomplish all my goals this year, but I sure as heck will try my absolute best to get there.

What are your goals? And how are you going about accomplishing them? I’d like to hear.


Does anyone remember Paula Abdul’s song lyrics for Opposites Attract? The chorus went like this “I take two steps forward, I take two steps back…”

Well, if I did this, I end up at the same place I started. That is a setback. I feel like I am back at square one. For all of my accomplishments at Crossfit, one moment of a lapse in judgment caused a major setback.

I had bid farewell to my PT less than a week ago, but I may have to run back to him. I haven’t decided yet, but the eight ball is telling me the chances are high. Maybe I secretly love going to PT. Ok, maybe it’s not really a secret after all.

This past Tuesday, like most mornings, I grabbed my laptop bag with my right arm. As my elbow bent inwards to support the weight of the laptop, I instantly knew I had bent it too much, too fast. My nerve reacted by sending my brain pain signals. My elbow does not want to be in this position whatsoever. Something I’ve done for well over 10 years boiled down to this one moment, this one dreadful moment. I had a daunting realization – my shoulder is about 80% recovered, but now I have this new elbow issue that could possibly hinder my shoulder recovery.

I’ve had setbacks before & for the most part, I’ve overcome them. But, getting to that point was always a struggle. My first reaction would be denial. I would assume a few days rest would fix the issue. When a few days become a few weeks, and then a few weeks become a few months, that is when I’d fall into a mild depression. I would start to blame myself for the injury. Why didn’t I do it this way or that way, so that I wouldn’t be in the position I am in right now?! Hindsight is always 20/20. I’d get so frustrated at menial tasks that I didn’t have to think about before. I’d get so mad because all the hard work & progress was all for naught. I would have to start with baby steps again to build back up to the same level. Along with rehabilitation, it could take months, even years, to get back to this point.

Plagued with so many injuries from the past, you would think I would have smartened up a bit now that I am older. I should know better. I do know better. I am no longer invincible. But, somehow, we all want to revert back to who were in the past – the super humans of our youth. Oh, how I long to be that again, but I digress. I do know better now. I refuse to work through the pain. I stop when I feel something isn’t right with body & I request to have the movement modified. I have to consciously ensure my position is correct after each rep I do at CF because I don’t want to risk further injuries on my already broken body. See, I’d smarten up just a teensy bit, not a lot, just a little itty bitty bit.

How we deal with the setbacks will determine how far we can go or how far we can fall. It’s really your choice. Yes, it is a choice. You can let the setback rule your life or you can grab the reins & take back control.  My shoulder injury set me back for a long time. I can’t even begin to describe to you what the last 2 years have been like living with it. But, I put in my time & effort with the PT (who is amazing btw) & I’ve made so much progress. I refuse to let this new setback define me.

I’ve decided to take a few weeks off from CF to see how I feel. It’s always good to take some time off to heal your body, as well as your mind. An orthopedic visit might be in my future if the elbow doesn’t feel better, but I’m hoping it won’t be necessary.


I’d prefer to hover over my setbacks!

Setbacks are roadblocks in your life. How you handle them will determine how successful you will be. This is something we can apply to all facets of our life. How will you handle your setbacks?

I’m So Over You

I’ve self-prescribed my release from Physical Therapy. I told my therapist after this morning’s session that I was leaving & I never wanted to see him again. We’re breaking up. We’re going to cut this off cold turkey. No more phone calls to make “appointments,” no more early morning romps on the therapy table, & no more man-handling my shoulder & arm. I’m through with this. It was a great 6 months while it lasted, but I’m done. Adios, Ciao, Sayanara!

The shoulder pains began in March 2011. Years of volleyball, among other athletics took its toll. I was still feeling young & invincible, so I stopped volleyball in July 2011, & headed straight into Crossfit. That might not have been the smartest idea. I told you, I was feeling young & invincible dumb & reckless. Doing CF didn’t bother me until the end of the year when I noticed tightness in my shoulders that never went away. I went to a chiropractor who kept cracking my back & neck. I didn’t see how this was benefitting me. Then, I went to Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) chiropractor for 2 months. The A.R.T. made me feel better for a day or two, but the pain never went away. This was not a long-term cure.

In March 2012, I entered my first Crossfit Games Open, which was one of the most exciting moments of my CF career. I had recoreded numerous gains in my performance & strength. The adrenaline died down shortly afterwards, but I continued to push my physical limits. I was at the point of a major burn-out Crossfitting 24 out of 31 days that month. In May, I did a WOD with chest to bar pull-ups unassisted. Somewhere along the way, I felt pulling from the nerves on my right shoulder. That was the last time I did anything overhead. It was the beginning of a slight depression for me.


Crossfit Games Open 12.3
75lb Push Press – 03.08.12

From that day on, I focused on lower body movements. Modifying everything was aggravating. I’ve never done so many lunges, squats, box jumps, sit-ups, v-ups, & running in my life. It was getting dull; I was feeling unmotivated & frustrated with myself. Most of all, I was mad, upset & disappointed at myself for even getting to this point. If I had only listened to my body & visited a doctor a long time ago, I would never have been in this position. Hindsight is always 20/20. I took 2 months off from CF in the hopes the rest would aid in the recovery of my shoulder. It didn’t.

It could have been my pride or fear, whatever it was, it took me a long time to see an orthopedic. I expected dreadful news. What was I to do if I couldn’t play volleyball or Crossfit ever again?!? Oh the horror! I know, I know, there are worse things in life, but anyone who knows me know athletics/sports are a big part of my life. It’s like telling me to stop eating bananas….forever. Blasphemy!

The orthopedic roughed me up. He moved my shoulder in ways I didn’t think was possible. My shoulder has never hurt so much as it did the next 2 weeks after my visit. He insisted I get an MRI with contrast to confirm a right shoulder labral tear. I spoke to numerous medical professionals, as well as hubby, to see what my next step should be. I decided to opt out of the MRI & start Physical Therapy first. If possible, I want to avoid surgery, but I have to admin, there was a huge part of me that thought surgery would be the quick fix. However, I failed to think of the consequences of surgery. I would still require PT & even then, it might never get back to 100%.

I made a PT appointment. After 4 sessions, I dropped him. He was awful. I told him I had pain after the 3rd session & he basically dismissed me by telling me I wasn’t feeling the pain where I thought I felt it at. Ummmm….okay. Peace out!

I tried another PT, who was better & more attentive, but somewhere along the way, she started over-booking appointments & had less & less time for me. 11 treatments later & I wasn’t where I wanted to be..


Injured Right Shoulder taped up

Finally, I let go of my pig-headedness and I reluctantly went to hubby’s PT in Dec. 2012. I had little expectations, especially since I came from 2 very unspectacular PTs. He would always spend 20 minutes or more doing manual work. January 2013 came & I was still weary. I just want to be fixed right now! I cried to my hubby. It was so frustrating going to PT every week & not see the instant results that you so desperately want. My exchanges with the hubby went something like this: Was I doing the exercises at home? No. Then how will I ever get better? I don’t know. Keep going to PT & do your exercises at home. Fine! *humph* Whatever. I slumped in the corner of the bed, crying into my stuffed Munkie, my annoyance with hubby was obvious. I’ve never felt so defeated in my life.

FINE! My response rang in my ears, over & over again. I’m NOT fine. The talk with hubby was definitely a wakeup call. It definitely boosted my morale & gave me the motivation that I lacked at the time. I started proactively going to the gym every day just to do my PT exercises & at home on weekends. 3 months flew by & I started noticing changes, I was feeling stronger, I slept better.  Even I was surprised by my progress, although slow & small, but it was definitely an improvement nonetheless. 4 months in, I started doing unassisted pull-ups at CF, which I haven’t done in almost a year. 5 months in, I was hitting PRs (Personal Records) left & right at CF with weights that I never thought possible.


Crossfit Games Open 13.1
45lb Snatch – 03.08.13

At my lowest point, I thought I would never do another pull-up or overhead movement again. I tried to convince myself that I would be okay with that. This lessened the blow in case my arm didn’t improve. It is very much a mental struggle when trying to overcome an injury. I’m so glad I continued to push myself with the help of my hubby by my side, even though sometimes it felt like a thorn in my side. I’m also grateful for all my coaches who accommodated to my injury & continue to inspire me to do everything with proper form so I do not re-injure myself.

I really didn’t think I would ever get to this point if you had asked me 6 months ago. I’m ready to let my therapist go & he was more than willing to let me go. Our time together has come to an end. The relationship was rocky at the beginning, but then trust was built & progress was made in itty bitty baby steps. We’ve outgrown each other, but we’ll stay friends. I know he’s only a phone call away if I ever need him. So, today, I say good-bye.

Ego Waffles

Ego Waffles

Ego Waffles, it’s what’s for breakfast!

Many Crossfitter have heard the saying “Check your EGO at the Door” when entering a Crossfit box. Most people adhere to this rule, but there will always be those few that can’t quite get over themselves. We all know the type. They think they’re faster, stronger, but most of all, better than you. *gasp* To be honest, yes, they may be faster & stronger than me, but in no way are they better than me with that stinky me, me, me attitude.


Wall Ball Misery

Crossfit is a community of people doing the same thing, albeit modifying everything to each person’s own abilities. Everyone tries their hardest. I’ve had days where I had finished dead last. It really does a number on your confidence & you start to question your abilities, or the lack thereof. But, the most amazing thing happens as you go through this internal struggle with yourself & are ready to admit defeat, your coaches & peers are rooting for you, they want you to keep pushing, keep trying & to never give up. These people want to see you succeed. They’ll provide you strength when you feel like you have none left in you. This is one of the most wonderful things about Crossfit. This is what Crossfit is all about.


One of my favs – Box Jumps!

Doing Crossfit makes many a men & women humble. It makes me humble. I know I’m good at certain movements, but I also know there’s so much more for me to learn & improve upon. I’m willing to listen to someone give me constructive criticism so I can better myself. And, I also know even if you excel at something, there will always be someone else who can do it better than you. It’s just a fact of life. And I am okay with that.


Where did everyone go?

What gets under my skin is when someone is constantly trying to best you. They want to beat you at every WOD, by finishing before you, or run faster than you. There are other people in the class, but they target you. They deem you as their competition, even when you are not aware of this so-called competition. This may push that person harder & they might end up with higher reps or a faster time, but I can almost gaurantee you they cheated themselves in the end. Many times they rush though with improper form, or they went with a lighter weight so that they could do faster reps, or used a heavy band to make pull-ups/chin-ups/ring rows easier. My take on this is, go ahead, do whatever makes you feel good, but I know I didn’t cheat myself. I know I don’t want to injure myself by compromising my form to finish the WOD faster. I can be proud of myself by using a heavier weight & finishing last because I truly challenged my abilities.


Even girls can Rope Climb!

Another case in point involve guys that just can’t stand getting bested by a girl.

First thing first, I’m not a big girl. Secondly, I’m Asian. Okay, that has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to say I’m Asian & proud of it. 🙂 Anyway, most people see me as a little girl, & they are constantly surprised I can clean & jerk 80lb, push press 85lbs, deadlift 175lb, do kipping pull-ups unassisted & do 104 consecutive double unders. I can do all that because I’ve invested many hours of time, energy, sweat, frustrations, whip lashes & tears to accomplish my goals.


Double Under Blues

Back to my point, so the other day I suggested we do extra credit after our WOD by ending it with 100 DUs. The coach suggested we time it, so we (4 guys & lil ole me) all agreed. I finished in 1:17 mins. Not my best but it’s pretty darn good. This is my forte. One of the guys finished not too long after me, but he was not a happy camper. He insisted on a re-do. He messed up at the beginning, blah, blah, blah, excuses, bs, blah, blah, blah. We all have off-days, so how come he couldn’t accept the fact that I had finished before him? Well, I think it’s because 1) he thinks he’s better than me & 2) I’m a girl, how could I possibly beat him?!? That’s unheard of. Some guys just can’t stand a girl being better at something, especially when that something involves strength or speed.

What do I say to this? Check your friggin’ ego at the friggin’ door, you friggin’ girly man. Suck it up & be happy for me while you eat a piece of humble pie. But, I have a feeling he has secretly vowed to beat me next time. Ha! Some things can’t be changed so easily.


Boys & Girls climbing rope in harmony.

Ego waffles – It’s what’s for breakfast, but make sure you poop it out before walking into your next Crossfit box.

My Crossfit Beginnings

crossfit book
I am a Crossfitter. Yes, I am an addict. No, it is not a cult, but I guess when I gush on & on about it, it may sound like a cult. I had passed by this one space on my way to work every morning & they were constructing something, but I wasn’t sure what. Lo & behold, it was CF Morristown being built. I had no inkling what Crossfit was. I looked online for more information, but it was hard to figure out. And what’s this thing called On-ramp? No clue. So I went on my merry way. However, I did mention it to my co-worker that I was curious to see what it was.

crossfit whiteboard
CF was long forgotten, then one day the same co-worker saw a Living Social deal for Crossfit908 in Berkeley Heights, NJ & it posed an awesome opportunity for me to try CF out, whatever it is. Ha. So I bought the coupon, emailed the owner & went to a quick 3-day bootcamp to learn the basics of CF in June of 2011.

Rope Climb
I turned on my GPS to punch in the address but as Murphy’s Law would have it, the screen would not respond to my touch. Ugh. This was back when I still owned a dumb phone, so using that was not an option. Thinking I was smart, I had written down the address & directions. I ended up in a residential area. I typed in Road instead of Avenue when I was at work. Just my luck. Dumb phone to the rescue. I called my coworker & she mapped the address for me & I wrote down how to get there.

Crossfit Queens
I get to CF908 a few minutes late. I tried to walk through the front door, but all I saw were some sweaty guys with 6-packs. Can you say, INTIMIDATING?!?! Excuse me, this little Asian girl needs to go inside & your 6-packs are in the way. Thanks.

Day 1, Tim, the owner, taught basic CF fundamentals, & then it was onto our first WOD (Workout of the Day). You’ll eventually get the CF lingo. The WOD (21-15-9 of Reverse 2-for-1 Lunges, KB Swings & Push-Ups) lasted 9:01 minutes. It was probably NINE of the most freaking agonizing minutes of my life. We were done. I was dead tired.

Day 2, more fundamentals were learned, then onto the WOD (4 Rds of 300m Run, 12 Push Press, 15 box jumps). I finished in 12:57 minutes. Another grueling WOD because seriously, I do not think I’m anywhere near fit for this. What is wrong with me?!? I’m out of breath, I’m exhausted, I want to pass out, but as luck would have it, I have one more day of this torture.

Day 3, we learned Olympic lifts. Uh, I’ve never used a barbell before, but okay. Bring it! Another short WOD – 12 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 5 Hang Power Cleans, 7 Burpees & 9 Wall Balls. Finished with 6 Rds + 7 reps. Not bad, right?!? I think I’m getting this. Uh huh.

Bootcamp was over. I waited about 1.5 weeks before starting my month at CF908. That 1.5 weeks was intense. My arms swelled up so much that I couldn’t feel anything. Washing my hair, scratching my head & any over the shoulder activities was a chore. I felt like one of those meatheads at the gym. I had to bend my head forward to scratch an itch on my head. What did I get myself into?!?


Nearly 2 years later, I am still dedicated to CF. I am so thankful I decided to walk into CF908 because it has changed my life. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had which also includes an awesome CF community. I’ve met some amazing people in my life who have become my friends. 

I know I still have many areas to work on & I’m willing to put in the work to get there. Are you???

I know I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but you can’t tell me I’m not trying my hardest.