Mango Shrimp Summer Roll Recipe

Mango Shrimp Summer Rollsadapted from Steamy Kitchen


1 tsp fish sauce (substitute with soy sauce)
1 tsp freshly grated lemongrass
freshly ground black pepper
½ tsp sugar
36 small sized shrimp, shelled and de-veined
2 bundles of Rice/Mung Bean Vermicelli
15 round rice papers (8″ diameter)
1 cup julienned carrots
1 cup julienned cucumber
4 oz bean sprouts
2 mango, sliced into thin slivers
1 small bunch of Thai Basil Leaves (optional)
1 bag (7oz) of Enoki Mushroom (optional)


Grate lemongrass. Boil water & quickly drop the bean sprouts into the water. Take it out after 30 seconds. This is to ensure any bacteria/gems are killed off. Rinse with cold water & let dry in a colander.
Peel & de-vein the shrimp. Mix the fish sauce, lemongrass, pepper & sugar in a bowl & add shrimp. Marinate for 10 minutes.
Grill the shrimp in a frying pan with 1 tablespoon coconut oil on high heat until cooked through, ~2 minutes. When the shrimp is cool enough to handle, use a knife, cut each shrimp down the middle of its back so that you have two identical halves of shrimp. This makes the shrimp thin enough to wrap evenly.

Place 2 bundles of vermicelli into boiling water. Stir & make sure it cooks for a few minutes until tender (~2-3 minutes). Strain the water & cool the vermicelli with cold water to stop it from cooking.

Cut the dirty ends of the Enoki mushrooms. Wash them under cold water, while separating the strands because they tend to stick together. I seasoned it with a little salt, pepper & olive oil & cooked it in a frying pan. It will release a lot of water. When the mushrooms are cooked down (no longer stiff), they are ready. Discard as much water content from them as much as possible.

Cut your carrots & cucumber into matchstick sized pieces. Take 10 basil leaves & chiffonade them into smaller pieces. Now all your ingredients are ready to assemble your summer rolls.

In a clean fying pan, boil a few cups of water. This will be used for the summer roll skins. Turn off the heat once it starts boiling. Find a large round dish to prepare you rolls. Have another large plate handy for your completed rolls. Take a summer roll wrapper & place into the hot water in the frying pan. It will soften into a pliable sheet. Carefully pull the sheet out & put onto your prep plate.

Here, you will start building your summer roll. Add the shrimp, then layer with the vermicelli, a few slices of the mango, then carrots, cucumber, mushroom, & basil. I rolled the bottom over the filling first, then folded the right & left sides in, then tightly rolled the bottom up to the top. Put the finished product on our finished plate.

Mango Puree – by Me
1 mango (remove skin & pit)
3 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Mix all ingredients together in a blender. Add more water if the puree is still too thick. This is easy to make & makes your food look so pretty (& tasty, too)!

Fish Dipping Sauce: Nuoc Cham – Recipe courtesy Corinne Trang, Authentic Vietnamese Cooking, Simon & Schuster, 1999
5 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons water
1/3 cup fish sauce
1/2 cup lime or lemon juice (~1 lemon)
1 large clove garlic, minced
1 or more bird’s eye or Thai chiles, seeded and minced
1 shallot, peeled, thinly sliced, and rinsed (optional)
Mix all ingredients together & let sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. This sauce is so tasty with the summer rolls or even just over vermicelli or rice.


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