Crossfit Highs

Like I said in my previous post, Introducing Eva, there will be WODs that will absolutely kick your butt. You’ll leave the box feeling slightly disappointed (that you finished at the end of the pack), slightly happy (because you’d actually finish the WOD), but most definitely humble. Because these are the days you’ll know that no matter how good you think you are at something, there will no doubt be someone else who will be faster & stronger. This should makes you more determined to be better, to do better, to keep practicing, & to keep trying. Don’t let this slight roadblock discourage you. And do NOT, I repeat, do NOT ever quit. Quitting should never be an option (injuries are the exceptions to the rule).

So, Wednesday was a bad training day. I more than made up for it on Thursday’s WOD. To be honest, it was a bit chaotic with warming up, strength training & then the WOD. We were constantly moving in that hour, so it was hard to get a breath in there.

Yesterday’s training had 505 total reps, which is pretty crazy. The breakdown is as follows:
200 DUs, 75 air squats, 70 burpees, 50 push up, 45 Front Squats, 25 Push Press, 25 Clean Pulls & 15 SDHP.

Our WOD was a good one though. It could be done really quickly, or you can take forever if you are not proficient with DUs. Luckily, that’s one thing I excel in. Whew! Thank goodness!

100 DUs then
3 Rounds
5 SDHP (95/65) 55
10 Front Squats (95/65) 55
15 Bar-facing Burpees
then 100 DUs

I didn’t check out the whiteboard beforehand to see the times of others who have completed the WOD. As I was on my last 100 DUs, the coach kept saying I might beat the record. Uh, hey buddy, I just want to finish. Could you please stop watching me now? Geez, so much pressure. Haha

I finished in 13:39 minutes.

Afterwards, I looked at the whiteboard & I had beaten the top time by 19 seconds. Whoo hoo! I had finished first in my class & I had the best time overall for the day. Although, I must admit I didn’t do Rx.  Even the coach told me he has problems with DUs & that’s why his time suffered. Days like these are RARE, but I will take it with open arms. I also know that tomorrow is a new day & anything can happen. I can be first, last, or in the middle of the pack. I know I will still continue to push myself no matter where I finish & that won’t deter me from finishing. Thankfully, I have the encouragement of the coaches, as well as the rest of my fellow Crossfitters to egg me on.

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