Does anyone remember Paula Abdul’s song lyrics for Opposites Attract? The chorus went like this “I take two steps forward, I take two steps back…”

Well, if I did this, I end up at the same place I started. That is a setback. I feel like I am back at square one. For all of my accomplishments at Crossfit, one moment of a lapse in judgment caused a major setback.

I had bid farewell to my PT less than a week ago, but I may have to run back to him. I haven’t decided yet, but the eight ball is telling me the chances are high. Maybe I secretly love going to PT. Ok, maybe it’s not really a secret after all.

This past Tuesday, like most mornings, I grabbed my laptop bag with my right arm. As my elbow bent inwards to support the weight of the laptop, I instantly knew I had bent it too much, too fast. My nerve reacted by sending my brain pain signals. My elbow does not want to be in this position whatsoever. Something I’ve done for well over 10 years boiled down to this one moment, this one dreadful moment. I had a daunting realization – my shoulder is about 80% recovered, but now I have this new elbow issue that could possibly hinder my shoulder recovery.

I’ve had setbacks before & for the most part, I’ve overcome them. But, getting to that point was always a struggle. My first reaction would be denial. I would assume a few days rest would fix the issue. When a few days become a few weeks, and then a few weeks become a few months, that is when I’d fall into a mild depression. I would start to blame myself for the injury. Why didn’t I do it this way or that way, so that I wouldn’t be in the position I am in right now?! Hindsight is always 20/20. I’d get so frustrated at menial tasks that I didn’t have to think about before. I’d get so mad because all the hard work & progress was all for naught. I would have to start with baby steps again to build back up to the same level. Along with rehabilitation, it could take months, even years, to get back to this point.

Plagued with so many injuries from the past, you would think I would have smartened up a bit now that I am older. I should know better. I do know better. I am no longer invincible. But, somehow, we all want to revert back to who were in the past – the super humans of our youth. Oh, how I long to be that again, but I digress. I do know better now. I refuse to work through the pain. I stop when I feel something isn’t right with body & I request to have the movement modified. I have to consciously ensure my position is correct after each rep I do at CF because I don’t want to risk further injuries on my already broken body. See, I’d smarten up just a teensy bit, not a lot, just a little itty bitty bit.

How we deal with the setbacks will determine how far we can go or how far we can fall. It’s really your choice. Yes, it is a choice. You can let the setback rule your life or you can grab the reins & take back control.  My shoulder injury set me back for a long time. I can’t even begin to describe to you what the last 2 years have been like living with it. But, I put in my time & effort with the PT (who is amazing btw) & I’ve made so much progress. I refuse to let this new setback define me.

I’ve decided to take a few weeks off from CF to see how I feel. It’s always good to take some time off to heal your body, as well as your mind. An orthopedic visit might be in my future if the elbow doesn’t feel better, but I’m hoping it won’t be necessary.


I’d prefer to hover over my setbacks!

Setbacks are roadblocks in your life. How you handle them will determine how successful you will be. This is something we can apply to all facets of our life. How will you handle your setbacks?

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