Walnut Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe

The Bro, SIL, Hubby & I had brunch at Olea in Brooklyn, NY awhile back. We had ordered the Almond Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates from the menu & they were delicious. They were a little sweet, a little salty & oh so simple to make. I’ve decided to re-create this at home. Since I didn’t have any almonds, I substituted with walnuts. I’ve also used pecans before & they all work similarly well together. This is also Paleo, so you won’t feel so guilty eating them.

Walnut Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Datesadapted from Olea


This makes approximately 18 pieces.

Walnut (9 whole pieces, halved) – substitute with Pecans or Almonds. Almonds do not need to be halved.
Bacon (6 slices)
Whole Pitted Dates (18 pieces)
Toothpicks (9)

Take your dates & use a chopstick to open up the hole in the middle.
Slice the Walnuts in half & insert into the dates.
Put 6 slices on bacon in a frying pan & fry until it is no longer raw. Turn off heat. Remove bacon from pan & blot out excess oil with paper towel.
Roll date in bacon & cut off excess bacon with a knife. Insert toothpick to hold bacon in place. You can use one toothpick per 2 pieces. Each piece of bacon can make 3 pieces. Repeat with the rest of the dates.
Put all your bacon wrapped dates back into the hot frying pan & continue to fry until they are nice & crispy. Make sure to flip them to the other side to get all sides crispy.
Transfer the bacon onto a plate with a paper towel to remove excess oil.

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