Blue Ombre Nails Tutorial

Ombre Nails are really fashionable at the moment. From ombre hair to ombre clothes, this is a great way to do ombre without being too obvious. This is also a great way to use a bunch of colors in your stash at one time. This tutorial may look easy, but it took me quite some time to get this right since it was my first time using nail tape. I cannot reiterate how important it is for you to have the base color completely dry before attempting to put the nail tape on.

First, cut 40 pieces of Nail Tape. You will use 4 on each nail. I stick all of them on a plastic shoe box so that they are easily accessible. Pick out the 5 coordinating colors you want to use. Pick shades that go from light to dark & arrange them in that order on your table so you don’t forget later on.

Apply your base coat. Then, apply a layer of white nail polish. The white doesn’t have to be perfect since only parts of the white will show up later on.

When the white is completely dry, use 4 pieces of nail tape to divide your nail into 5 even sections. This will be the tricky & time-consuming part. I would suggest applying nail tape to all 10 fingers before beginning.
I painted the darkest color first to all my nails on one hand, & then moved onto the next color. I finished one entire hand before moving on to the 2nd hand.OmbreBlue2
When the paint is dry, carefully pull off the nail tape. This might take some practice because there is a chance the tape will pull off your top color, so do this slowly & carefully.
Finish your nails with a top coat & you are finished.

Where to purchase products:
L.A. Colors Nail Polish – Blue
OPI – Yodel Me on My Cell
NYC Color – Pier 17
New York Color – East Village
Sally Hansen – Blazing Blue
Wet n Wild Wild – French White Creme
Nail Tape
– 10 rolls last a long time.
Nail Tape – 30 piece so you’ll never have to worry about buying tape ever again!
Nailtiques 1 – used as my base coat to help my nails get stronger. Here’s the larger bottle.
Nailtiques 2 – you’ll use this every day for a few weeks for brittle nails to get stronger.

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