Banana Snatcher

The case of the missing banana.

This is a tale about a girl named C2 who loves her bananas (get your mind out of the gutter, this is a G-rated tale). She also has a fondness for a special Munkie who shares the same banana eating passion as her. They met in 2009 & have been inseparable ever since. They eat bananas just about every day. Many times 2, as a special treat. Bananas have loads of potassium which they both know is a critical electrolyte. Potassium allows your muscles to move (well, only for C2 because Munkie doesn’t have muscles), your nerves to fire (again, only for C2), and your kidneys (do I have to repeat myself, again?!?) to filter blood. The right balance of potassium literally allows the heart to beat (now I’m thinking Munkie might be dead).


Munkie celebrating NYE with one too many bananas.

Things were going swinging-ly (punny) for them until one day C2 went to work. She has her routine of bringing a bunch (literally) to work on Tuesday & rationing her supply up until Thursday. She always eats one for breakfast because it’s so filling & keeps her tummy happy in the morning. One Thursday morning, she leans over to reach for a banana, but there was nothing there! Hungry & confused, she scratched her head (in the typical monkey fashion) & thought long & hard why there was no banana. It didn’t make sense to her. She always made sure she saves at least one per day.


It was a long night of banana chugging & boozing for this little Munkie.

Apparently someone was hungry & that someone ended up being C2! How rude (in Michelle Tanner’s voice). Munkie went bananas (how fitting)! And then he went ape poop (keeping it G-rated). He wanted to go all Donkey Kong on whoever stole his banana. The banana was there the night before, so whoever stole it did it in the morning.


No banana makes for a very, very angry Munkie!

The incident of the missing banana was reported to the building manager along with other missing items from other co-worker’s desks. The manager replied saying he can’t do anything, but filing a report with the security group might be a better option. C2 & Munkie knew that really meant nothing will happen. They won’t put up security cameras just to find a banana thief.

C2 & Munkie have learned their lesson. They have decided to lock up their banana stash in the desk drawer. However, they are afraid they might have a lapse in memory one night & forget the bananas & end up leaving them in the drawer for 4 days to rot. That would be a hot mess.

Munkie had a brilliant idea to leave the bananas out like this. What do you think? You think it will deter them from stealing the bananas again?


Eat Him! No Eat Him!
Let’s Make a Shake!

This story doesn’t have a happy ending. The culprit was never found. This incident only made C2 & Munkie more vigilant about the safety of their precious banana supply.


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