My Crossfit Beginnings

crossfit book
I am a Crossfitter. Yes, I am an addict. No, it is not a cult, but I guess when I gush on & on about it, it may sound like a cult. I had passed by this one space on my way to work every morning & they were constructing something, but I wasn’t sure what. Lo & behold, it was CF Morristown being built. I had no inkling what Crossfit was. I looked online for more information, but it was hard to figure out. And what’s this thing called On-ramp? No clue. So I went on my merry way. However, I did mention it to my co-worker that I was curious to see what it was.

crossfit whiteboard
CF was long forgotten, then one day the same co-worker saw a Living Social deal for Crossfit908 in Berkeley Heights, NJ & it posed an awesome opportunity for me to try CF out, whatever it is. Ha. So I bought the coupon, emailed the owner & went to a quick 3-day bootcamp to learn the basics of CF in June of 2011.

Rope Climb
I turned on my GPS to punch in the address but as Murphy’s Law would have it, the screen would not respond to my touch. Ugh. This was back when I still owned a dumb phone, so using that was not an option. Thinking I was smart, I had written down the address & directions. I ended up in a residential area. I typed in Road instead of Avenue when I was at work. Just my luck. Dumb phone to the rescue. I called my coworker & she mapped the address for me & I wrote down how to get there.

Crossfit Queens
I get to CF908 a few minutes late. I tried to walk through the front door, but all I saw were some sweaty guys with 6-packs. Can you say, INTIMIDATING?!?! Excuse me, this little Asian girl needs to go inside & your 6-packs are in the way. Thanks.

Day 1, Tim, the owner, taught basic CF fundamentals, & then it was onto our first WOD (Workout of the Day). You’ll eventually get the CF lingo. The WOD (21-15-9 of Reverse 2-for-1 Lunges, KB Swings & Push-Ups) lasted 9:01 minutes. It was probably NINE of the most freaking agonizing minutes of my life. We were done. I was dead tired.

Day 2, more fundamentals were learned, then onto the WOD (4 Rds of 300m Run, 12 Push Press, 15 box jumps). I finished in 12:57 minutes. Another grueling WOD because seriously, I do not think I’m anywhere near fit for this. What is wrong with me?!? I’m out of breath, I’m exhausted, I want to pass out, but as luck would have it, I have one more day of this torture.

Day 3, we learned Olympic lifts. Uh, I’ve never used a barbell before, but okay. Bring it! Another short WOD – 12 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 5 Hang Power Cleans, 7 Burpees & 9 Wall Balls. Finished with 6 Rds + 7 reps. Not bad, right?!? I think I’m getting this. Uh huh.

Bootcamp was over. I waited about 1.5 weeks before starting my month at CF908. That 1.5 weeks was intense. My arms swelled up so much that I couldn’t feel anything. Washing my hair, scratching my head & any over the shoulder activities was a chore. I felt like one of those meatheads at the gym. I had to bend my head forward to scratch an itch on my head. What did I get myself into?!?


Nearly 2 years later, I am still dedicated to CF. I am so thankful I decided to walk into CF908 because it has changed my life. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had which also includes an awesome CF community. I’ve met some amazing people in my life who have become my friends. 

I know I still have many areas to work on & I’m willing to put in the work to get there. Are you???

I know I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but you can’t tell me I’m not trying my hardest.

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